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What I expect and Benefits of Music!!

Read the weekly assignment thoroughly.

Practice correctly and thoughtfully at least 6 days a week and for as long as it takes to go through the entire practice assignment.

Come to lessons prepared with all the books and materials.

Behave in a cooperative and respectful manner during lessons.

Participate in the setting of goals.

Keep fingernails trimmed short.

Have clean hands.

Leave gum and other candy at home.

Have a bag or folder that will hold all the lesson materials and be responsible for putting these materials in the bag/folder before coming to a lesson.

Practice Time

Preparation for a lesson consists of sufficient practice time during the week (this is suggested on the student?s practice sheet).

A 30-minute lesson is not the time to practice what was assigned the previous lesson.

Sufficient practice means the student is prepared to perform the pieces I have assigned, without 2 or more attempts.

It is the responsibility of the student to set his/her goal and commitment to practice.

The Practice Time is more important than the lesson and every bit of progress is accomplished through a Team Effort of the student, parent, and teacher. 

Piano practicing should be given the same amount of time during a week that a sport practice is given!!


1.  Play through a favorite polished piece to start off your practice session.
2.  Read completely through your weekly assignment so that you know what you need to accomplish by         your next lesson.
3.  Technique work -  finger exercises consisting of Hanon, Concone, Czerny, scales, chords, arpeggios,         and other assigned drills.
4.  Assigned Pieces ? look over the piece and decide what you want to accomplish TODAY during your           practice time. (Example: play LH through entire piece with metronome at 80, or play the first two lines         HT, etc.)
5.  Complete all written or listening assignments ? theory, composing, transposing, or tape/CD listening.
6.  Invent and explore - have fun making up your own songs or trying to pick out other songs by ear on 

     the piano.

7.  Be sure and check off your assignments and record your practice time each day.

Benefits of music

1. Music makes you smarter

2. Music is a discipline

3. Music is a language

4. Music is a service to you and others

5. Applied music develops performance skills

6. Music is a science

7. Music is a Social Activity

8. Music is an applied skill

9. Music is fun

10. Music can be a career

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