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 I will send home a Progress Report if I feel a student is not progressing sufficiently. I am always available for a conference with a parent. 

Let me know if you would like a monthly report or would like for me to call you, due to a concern.

It is important that parents also be committed to the student succeeding. Even if you do not have musical training, asking a student to perform for you before the day of the lesson will give you an idea how earnest the student has practiced.

If you notice a struggle or frustration that a student is having in a specific area, please convey this to me. I earnestly want to know and understand the student.

A lesson once a week does not allow me the time to be very observant of specific difficulties. Many times the student comes across as being shy and will not share their frustration with me.

I am totally committed to giving my all with each student to prepare for the future years of music involvement. If I am given the opportunity, we should see great progress this year.

My goal is to expose each student to as many music aspects as I can. This includes harmony, history, structure, theory, fingering, ear training, sight-playing, transposing, etc.

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