This Fall everything is undecided on what events we're going to be able to have. All MMTA Events are going to be virtual events (Exams) until at least the Spring and that is undecided. 

MMTA Ensemble Festival - None for 2020.

Duet Recital - TBD

Student Recital - Friday night, April ?, 2021 ,  Mount Olive Lutheran Church on 18th Avenue.  All students will be performing with family and friends invited. The time of the Recital will be 7pm.

Contest Dates - many of the students are preparing for the MMTA Contest.  Registration for this will be by December 1 and the date of the District Contest will be on , Feb. 1, 2020 at Bethel Lutheran Church.  Some of these students will be taking the MMTA Theory test this year.   I have included a page with a CALENDAR OF EVENTS that lists all of the Studio performing and MMTA performing opportunities.  This will be updated as needed.

Other Performing Opportunities:                              

During the summer some parents take advantage of not having school hours to work around and take the student to perform at the Mayo Clinic or an Assisted Living / Nursing Facility. 

I had some students who never managed to do an additional performing at any facility this last year.  I know everyone is busy, but there is nothing more helpful, to gain self-confidence and pride in an accomplishment, than performing pieces learned.  I have attached a list of the valued skills your child learns by Studying Piano. 


Performance dress code:

Students should dress ?up? for any type of public performance.  This includes any kind of recital we have, (other than the Fall Duet Recital) or performances in Contest, or any other MMTA event.

Dressing appropriately is part of learning music performance etiquette, self-respect, and respect for the audience.

Dressing up means dress slacks for either boys or girls, worn with nice shoes, sweaters, dress shirts or blouses, girls may also wear a dress or skirt.


Please, no shorts, jeans, tennis shoes, flip flops, athletic clothes or bare midrifs